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 Paddon keeps focus ahead of twisty Tour de Corse tarmac challenge
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Rallye de FranceFri 30th Sep (3 days)
Rally of Far NorthSat 1st Oct (1 day)
Rankleburn ClubmansSat 8th Oct (1 day)
Rally CatalunyaFri 14th Oct (3 days)
Rally of Great BritainFri 28th Oct (3 days)
Malaysia RallySat 29th Oct (2 days)
Rally of Waitomo
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Press Releases
Mon, 26 Sep 2016 - Podium for Young in Japan
Mike Young has managed to secure third place at the fourth round of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) after several close battles, held at Rally Hokkaido in Japan.

After sitting in second place for most of the first day in his Cusco EZY Racing Subaru Impreza, Young fell to third after two punctures handing the runner-up position to Fabian Kreim of Germany in the process, who drives a much faster Skoda Fabia R5.

“We’re happy to hold onto third place, especially when you consider what we were up against. I suppose we were the best of the Group N cars so    more...
Mon, 26 Sep 2016 - Paddon keeps focus ahead of twisty Tour de Corse tarmac challenge
New Zealand’s world rallying duo Hayden Paddon and John Kennard have a clear focus as they head to the famed Tour de Corse rally this weekend.

Paddon says they are focused on continually improving their performance on tarmac surface rallies. The 29 September to 2 October French World Rally Championship event marks the second of three consecutive European tarmac rallies at the tail end of the WRC season, so performance on this surface is a vital component of Paddon’s current and future results.

“Obviously we want to be more competitive than Germany [where they finished fifth] and I think this rally suits    more...
Wed, 21 Sep 2016 - Cox breaks 17 year old record
The Ashley Forest Rallysprint held last weekend was an amazing weekend for Sloan Cox who campaigned the Cox Motorsport Hillclimb Beast to record breaking runs over the weekend.

After finishing Saturday’s four qualifying runs with the quickest time, Cox went into the first run on Sunday and fifth qualifying run just taking it easy and getting back into the groove. However this run was to set the tone for the day with Cox being able to achieve what many were starting to think was the impossible, breaking the late Kim Austin’s 1999 rallysprint record of 56.57sec by posting a time of    more...
Wed, 21 Sep 2016 - Summerfield takes Ashley Forest Hat-trick
Rangiora’s Matt Summerfield has become the first driver to take victory in three consecutive years at the iconic Ashley Forest Rallysprint after a hard fought battle across the two day event.

Summerfield headed to the event, which operates on a knock-out format over a 1.7 kilometre gravel hillclimb, looking to not only defend the title he had won over the past two years, but also join the exclusive club of drivers that have set a sub-minute time around the iconic course.

It would be a busy weekend for Summerfield, who would not only campaign his Castrol Edge Subaru in the rally car    more...
Thu, 15 Sep 2016 - Cox Ready for Ashley Forest Challenge
Cox Motorsport are looking forward to competing at this weekend’s Ashley Forest Rallysprint held in Rangiora. The 1.7km rallysprint has been running since 1979 and competed in by many of New Zealand’s great rally drivers.

Sloan Cox will be competing in the Cox Motorsport hillclimb beast which he secured third in at the Leadfoot Festival and first at the New Zealand International Rallycross this year. The hillclimb beast has been mostly parked up apart from two promotional events during the rally season due to financial restraints and to focus on the Evo X.

This will be the second time Cox    more...
Thu, 8 Sep 2016 - New Generation i20 R5 set for WRC2 debut at the Tour de Corse – Rallye de France
- The New Generation i20 R5 will make its WRC2 debut at the Tour de Corse – Rallye de France, with three chassis entered for the tenth round of the World Rally Championship (WRC)
- Drivers Stéphane Sarrazin and Fabio Andolfi will compete on the rally in the first car to be delivered to customers by Hyundai Motorsport
- Kevin Abbring and Seb Marshall will showcase a Hyundai Motorsport entered example after seven months of testing and development work.

Alzenau, Germany

September 7, 2016 – The New Generation i20 R5 will make its first WRC2 start next month at the    more...
Live Results
 Start List for Leg 1 
1Cunningham/Bennett (2)10:30
2Martin/Hayward (3)10:31
3Cottington/Cottington (4)10:32
4Hunt/Thomson (5)10:33
5Adnitt/Conaghan (6)10:34
6Taylor/Ramsay (7)10:35
7Herbert/Hey (8)10:36
8Green/Pedersen (1)10:37
9Murland/Benton (9)10:38
10Evans/Tupp (10)10:39
11Chalmers/Chalmers (11)10:40
12Wood/West (12)10:41
13Perry/Brownlie (13)10:42
14Bell/Turner (14)10:43
15McFarlane/McFarlane (15)10:44
16Keighley/Hutton (16)10:45
17Christian/Bellenguez (17)10:46
18Murphy/Wright (18)10:47
19Jones/Jones (19)10:48
20Watkins/Goldsbury (20)10:49
21Terry/Terry (21)10:50
22Adnitt/Mabbett (22)10:51
23Crossley/Gandy (23)10:52
24O'Hagan/O'Hagan (24)10:53
25Wheatley/Gathercole (25)10:54
26Preest/Corbin (26)10:55
27Willemsen/Willemsen (27)10:56
28Dillon/Chisholm (28)10:57
29Byrne/Brown (30)10:58
30Carson/Post (31)10:59
31Hinton/Scherer (32)11:00
32Preston/Preston (33)11:01
33Hackett/Cresswell (34)11:02
Recent Results
1Galbraith/Shaw (1)1:07:16.6
2Quantock/Steel (2)+1:11.9
3Bateman/Guckert (5)+1:43.2
4Buist/Celeste (6)+1:48.0
5Anderson/Gray (13)+1:54.6
6Gee/Gee (14)+2:18.1
7Edie/Gibson (11)+2:45.1
8Clark/Clark (12)+2:48.0
9Gosling/Read (10)+3:36.3
10Walker/Raymond (21)+3:58.4
11Chadwick/Chadwick (24)+4:32.5
12Owen/Brenssell (29)+4:56.6
13Wood/Currie (19)+6:10.1
14Sim/Sim (23)+6:11.8
15Burgess/Shortus (18)+6:16.3
16McLean/Holder (33)+6:37.2
17McConnell/Smith (8)+6:41.4
18Collins/Spark (28)+6:57.9
19Kermeen/Clark (37)+7:13.7
20Kibble/Johnston (27)+7:32.9
21Maddren/Glazier (45)+8:02.8
22Keen/Faulkner (25)+8:14.7
23Taylor/Huntley (38)+8:26.6
24Saxton/Solomon (39)+8:49.7
25Judd/Blacktopp (40)+9:23.7
26Gray/Skafer (41)+10:18.4
27Kokshoorn/Brennan (30)+11:07.8
28Spatcher/Brough (34)+11:20.3
29Julian/Lynch (36)+12:43.0
30Ford/Wilkinson (42)+12:51.7
31Campbell/Campbell (17)+13:57.9
32Marston/Marston (43)+14:42.4
33Thornley/Thornley (48)+16:18.0
34Ross/Neill (35)+16:49.4
35Glass/Turner (50)+17:13.8
36Thompson/Warren (26)+18:23.9
37Quinn/Clapperton (31)+18:27.4
38Hawes/Putaranui (32)+19:48.0
39Judd/Marra (22)+21:01.7
40Keen/King (44)+22:28.8
41O'Brien/Brien (49)+23:25.5
42Ewing/Ewing (47)+24:22.8
43Ross/Bracefield (7)+30:28.0
44Wright/Richards (15)+52:19.9
1Summerfield/Crawley (1)39:05.1
2Quantock/Steel (14)+1:28.3
3Quantock/Quantock (9)+1:47.3
4Buist/Celeste (4)+1:56.3
5Tall/Tall (3)+2:03.4
6Bateman/Guckert (2)+2:23.0
7McCallum/Howie (7)+2:43.6
8Ross/Bartels (5)+2:49.1
9Penrose/Penrose (16)+2:57.3
10Ayson/McDermott (6)+3:27.3
11Anderson/Gray (13)+3:29.7
12Gee/Gee (11)+3:39.3
13McConnell/Smith (25)+3:44.4
14Marston/Barclay (21)+3:53.9
15Campbell/Campbell (23)+3:54.9
16Townshend/Spence (20)+4:08.0
17Sim/Sim (27)+4:35.9
18McGlinchey/Smit (43)+4:40.6
19Townshend/Richards (19)+4:58.8
20Reid/Solomon (18)+5:06.7
21Cliff/Cliff (29)+5:08.5
22Haggerty/Sands (44)+5:09.4
23Crowe/Mitchell (31)+5:13.6
24Varcoe/Anderson (30)+5:15.8
25Murphy/Leonard (37)+5:28.3
26Owen/Brenssell (36)+5:32.1
27Bell/Thom (32)+5:38.8
28Read/Read (59)+6:03.2
29McLean/Brennan (39)+6:08.4
30Cattermole/Clemens (38)+6:11.3
31Walker/Gunn (40)+6:25.1
32Collins/Spark (35)+6:34.0
33Ross/Neill (45)+6:39.0
34Judd/McCallum (17)+6:50.7
35Asher/Hewlett (41)+6:52.3
36Twose/Hunter (46)+7:01.6
37Kermeen/Faulkner (42)+7:05.1
38Taylor/Huntley (52)+7:12.2
39Dykes/Thomas (55)+7:16.3
40McLean/Stewart (51)+7:46.3
41Judd/Blacktopp (47)+8:05.1
41Gray/Skafer (48)+8:05.1
43Herdman/Ruddick (49)+8:37.2
44Lash/Sara (54)+8:47.1
45Ford/Wilkinson (53)+9:52.0
46Gray/Gray (57)+10:57.3
47Thornley/Daly (58)+11:29.1
48Ollis/Thomas (61)+11:33.4
49Summerfield/Hudson (60)+11:48.4
50Pettigrew/Pettigrew (22)+12:48.8
51Gregory/Palmer (62)+17:48.6
52Thorp/Reichenbach (56)+27:09.5
53Kibble/Johnston (28)+17:21.5
2016 Points
1Sébastien Ogier (FRA)169
2Andreas Mikkelsen (NOR)110
3Hayden Paddon (NZL)94
3Thierry Neuville (BEL)94
5J. M. Latvala 89
6Dani Sordo (ESP)86
7Mads Østberg (NOR)78
8Ott Tanak (EST)52
9Kris Meeke (GBR)51
10Craig Breen (IRL)25
11E Camilli23
12Henning Solberg (NOR)14
13M. Prokop 12
13Stephane Lefebvre (FRA)12
15Teemu Suninen (FIN)8
16Elfyn Evans (GBR)6
16M Ligato6
18K. Abbring 4
18L. Bertelli 4
20Esapekka Lappi (FIN)2
21Armin Kremer (DEU)1
21V. Gorban 1
1Shane van Gisbergen (Holden)2248
2Jamie Whincup (Holden)2241
3Craig Lowndes (Holden)2091
4Scott McLaughlin (Volvo)1989
5Mark Winterbottom (Ford)1908
6Will Davison (Holden)1812
7Chaz Mostert (Ford)1757
8Garth Tander (Holden)1663
9Michael Caruso (Nissan)1638
10Tim Slade (Holden)1632
11James Courtney (Holden)1578
12Fabian Coulthard (Ford)1504
13Rick Kelly (Nissan)1497
14Todd Kelly (Nissan)1441
15Jason Bright (Holden)1239
16Scott Pye (Ford)1180
17David Reynolds (Holden)1090
18Chris Pither1033
19James Moffat (Volvo)1002
20Cameron Waters (Ford)993
21Dale Wood928
22Nick Percat (Holden)896
23Tim Blanchard (Holden)866
24Lee Holdsworth (Holden)786
1David Holder111
2Sloan Cox74
3Andrew Hawkeswood73
4Graham Featherstone71
5Dylan Turner70
6Emma Gilmour58
7Lance Williams56
8Hayden Paddon51
9Marcus Van Klink49
9Phil Campbell49
11Clint Cunningham45
12Dave Strong41
13Matt Summerfield37
14John Silcock36
14Richard Baddock36
16Ben Hunt34
17Anthony Jones32
17Carl Davies32
19Max Bayley31
20Jeff Judd27
21Brendan Reeves26
1Matt Adams72
2Simon Bell63
3Phil Collins60
4Chris Sheriff38
5Ray Wilson25
1Deane Buist122
2Job Quantock98
3Regan Ross95
4David Quantock83
5Matt Summerfield82
6Richard Bateman79
7David Gee74
8David Clearwater72
9Marcus Van Klink63
10Deborah Kibble56
11Darren Keen53
12Andrew Sim52
13Geoff Williamson49
13Jeff Judd49
15Richard Baddock48
16Graham Ferguson47
17Keith Anderson42
17Matt Wright42
19Jason Clark41
20Allan Kermeen30
20Phil Collins30
1Kingsley Jones91
2Warwick Redfern69
3Marcus Van Klink54
4Daniel Alexander44
5Matt Adams39
6Anthony Jones37
7Jeff Torkington35
8Grant Blackberry34
9Brynley Smith32
10Brent Taylor28
10Dylan Thomson28
10Tony Gosling28
13Waverley Jones27
13Wayne Pittams27
15Jack Williamson22
16Jonathan Shapley18
1Hayden Paddon229
2David Holder181
3Darren Galbraith179
4Emma Gilmour177
5Sloan Cox166
6Andrew Hawkeswood165
7Dylan Turner163
8Ben Hunt159
9Matt Summerfield154
10Michael Tall150
11Phil Campbell146
12Glenn Inkster143
13Lance Williams142
14Grant Blackberry140
15Deane Buist137
16Graham Featherstone134
17Shannon Chambers125
18Kingsley Jones122
19Peter Scharmach119
20Lee Robson118
1John Kennard229
2Jason Farmer181
3Anthony McLoughlin177
4Alan Steel174
5Sarah Coatsworth170
5Tony Rawstorn170
7Jeff Cress165
8Rob Scott163
9Tania Ross154
10Malcolm Read152
11Nicole Summerfield151
12Lorna Tall150
13Spencer Winn143
14Raymond Bennett142
15Ric Chalmers141
16Venita Fabbro139
17Glenn Macneall136
18Dave Devonport134
19Karl Celeste131
20Warwick Searle124