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YesterdaySweet success for Cox in second
2 days agoVictory for Hunt at Waitomo lines up three-way title fight
 Two top ten finishes for Holden Rally Team at Waitomo
 Top five finish for Gilmour in Rally Waitomo
 Win at Rally Waitomo moves Hunt into second in NZRC
4 days agoRally of Waitomo: Start List published
 New challenge for Cox
5 days agoWaitomo Rally challenges ahead for Holden drivers Marston and Holder
 Hunt keen to move up the points table at Rally Waitomo
6 days agoNZ Hillclimb Championship gets underway in Canterbury
8 days agoClean run the aim for van Klink
 Thomson eyes the long game at Waitomo
 Hawkeswood looks to extend championship lead at Waitomo
 Hyundai Motorsport suffers Championship blow in Rally de España
9 days agoDouble disaster for Hyundai Motorsport as Rally de España bites back
11 days agoRally of Waitomo entries published
 Capacity field to tackle Waitomo Rally
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Mon, 16 Oct 2017 - Sweet success for Cox in second
Cox Motorsports good fortune continued this weekend at Rally Waitomo with a podium finish, which follows on from a win at Ashley Forest recently. The car ran faultlessly with no mechanical issues and Sloan and Sarah were able to show their talent and speed together, proving that consistency and reliability is back with the Taslo Engineering Evo X.    more...
Sun, 15 Oct 2017 - Victory for Hunt at Waitomo lines up three-way title fight

The race for the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship driven by Dunlop and fuelled by Gull has taken another twist, with Ben Hunt’s victory at the Handy Rentals Hamilton Rally Waitomo moving him right into contention for the title at the series finale in six weeks time.

Hunt and co-driver Tony Rawstorn took a commanding lead after winning stage three and never looked back in their Subaru WRX STi, reaching the finish 22 seconds ahead of Sloan Cox and Sarah Coatsworth’s (Rotorua) Mitsubishi Evo 10, while Hawke’s Bay driver Max ...    more...

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 - Two top ten finishes for Holden Rally Team at Waitomo

Josh Marston and David Holder were rapt to bring both the Holden Barina AP4+ cars home in the top ten in the Rally of Waitomo, which ran 14 October.

Standing in for the team’s usual driver Greg Murphy, Holder was just six seconds off a top five finish in his debut event with the Penny Homes Holden Rally Team, while Marston finished a credible ninth.

“It was a shame to just miss fifth place,” says Tauranga-based Holder, “but it was a good result to finish and finish pretty strongly.”

<...    more...
Sun, 15 Oct 2017 - Top five finish for Gilmour in Rally Waitomo

After a long but consistent day, Emma Gilmour finished a credible fifth in the Handy Rentals Hamilton Rally Waitomo, in the King Country, yesterday.

She and co-driver Anthony McLoughlin brought the Vantage Windows and Doors Suzuki Swift AP4 home without any major issues over the six-stages - five of which were more than 30km long.

A tired but happy Emma, described contesting the 207km event as a “massive day.”

“We did about two hours, 16 minutes of competitive driving on really challenging, busy stages,” she says.

“The ...    more...

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 - Win at Rally Waitomo moves Hunt into second in NZRC

A well-earned win in yesterday’s Handy Rentals Hamilton Rally of Waitomo has seen Subaru driver Ben Hunt move up a position, to second, in the 2017 Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship fueled by Gull and driven by Dunlop (NZRC).

The long stages centered around the Ohura, Piopio and Waitomo areas allowed Hunt to showcase the speed and reliability of his Subaru WRX STi as he took hold of the lead after special stage three and never gave it up.

He and co-driver Tony Rawstorn were steadily dominant all day - winning ...    more...

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 - New challenge for Cox
Cox Motorsport will be taking on the challenging Rally Waitomo this weekend, with it returning to the National Championship portfolio for the first time in many years. This has excited the team to have a change of scenery and rally on roads that the Taslo Engineering Evo X has never been on.     more...
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1B. Hunt / T. Rawstorn (4)2:12:50.7
2S. Cox / S. Coatsworth (7)+22.0
3M. Bayley / L. Hudson (6)+43.3
4A. Hawkeswood / J. Cress (2)+1:18.1
5E. Gilmour / A. McLoughlin (9)+1:21.3
6D. Holder / J. Farmer (1)+1:27.6
7M. Summerfield / N. Summerfield (3)+2:18.6
8G. Featherstone / D. Devonport (8)+2:27.2
9J. Marston / A. Graves (11)+2:34.6
10Q. Palmer / D. Bassett (21)+3:39.2
11R. Bateman / S. Guckert (20)+6:24.4
12E. Creugnet / P. Delrieu (23)+7:09.3
13K. Scherer / D. Reichenbach (38)+7:21.7
14M. Klink / D. Neill (25)+7:31.1
15B. Herbert / B. Parker (33)+7:32.9
16J. Walker / J. Dawson (17)+7:33.0
17B. Green / F. Pedersen (24)+7:40.3
18J. Shapley / S. Byrne (35)+9:06.2
19W. Redfern / R. Bartels (22)+9:18.1
20M. Adams / K. Adams (29)+9:29.0
21B. McFarlane / S. McFarlane (37)+10:04.9
22B. Taylor / C. Ramsay (28)+10:08.2
23J. Glavish / M. Brunt (45)+10:45.2
24C. Stevens / S. Stevens (42)+10:48.2
25W. Pittams / N. Moloney (43)+11:57.0
26R. Wilson / D. Elder (40)+13:29.0
27J. Hawkeswood / M. Tapper (47)+13:33.1
28D. Hinton / M. Mannion (60)+14:05.5
29D. Thomson / A. Hudson (31)+14:21.9
30E. O'Hagan / S. O'Hagan (55)+14:49.3
31M. Goldsbury / A. Watkins (69)+15:10.0
32T. Gosling / B. Read (27)+15:29.7
33M. Bertlesen / L. Fisher (68)+15:51.9
34B. Smith / A. Beck (41)+16:21.2
35D. Hearn / G. Harcus (56)+16:55.9
36J. Williamson / B. Williamson (61)+17:13.7
37T. Radovan / T. Kenrick (81)+17:16.4
38A. Smith / G. Smith (62)+17:34.0
39M. McElwain / M. Bunyard (58)+18:24.0
40J. Ward / M. O'Neill (53)+18:37.2
41S. Bell / W. Martin (52)+19:05.6
42D. Taylor / P. Huntley (57)+19:31.0
43L. Homes / B. Homes (54)+20:15.5
44P. Collins / T. Spark (50)+21:43.3
45D. Alexander / R. Burnett (63)+23:18.2
46B. Brown / T. Cresswell (51)+24:00.5
47D. Haines / I. Mason (71)+26:45.3
48L. Styles / J. Kapua (72)+29:00.0
49R. Goss / R. Leggett (70)+29:47.8
50M. Brown / D. James (76)+30:10.8
51P. Fraser / C. Davison (67)+30:49.7
52A. Treseder / M. Riach (73)+31:26.8
53A. Gillies / S. Day (66)+36:48.4
54M. Tregilgas / G. Goldring (32)+40:53.8
55A. Keighley / A. Smith (80)+46:49.0
56D. Carson / J. Post (75)+56:42.3
57D. Adnitt / . (64)+57:36.9
1C. Strang / S. Robbie (4)1:10:50.3
2J. Judd / G. Marra (2)+1.1
3D. Quantock / E. Quantock (5)+30.2
4D. Buist / K. Celeste (7)+2:04.4
5J. Clark / J. Brenssell (39)+3:05.1
6D. Cameron / M. Crook (15)+4:26.7
7G. Hawkes / N. Mulholland (11)+4:41.7
8M. Macdonald / M. Macdonald (13)+4:48.2
9R. Chadwick / R. Chadwick (40)+5:28.8
10D. Birkett / J. Birkett (28)+7:45.4
11P. Collins / T. Spark (12)+8:08.7
12S. Thorp / W. Hawes (21)+8:55.2
13M. Baltrop / J. Lynch (19)+9:09.3
14S. Cattermole / B. Cattermole (41)+9:37.9
15A. McLean / C. McLean (31)+10:10.0
16A. Wood / C. Lancaster (14)+10:36.7
17B. Green / F. Pedersen (22)+10:37.8
18J. McDonald / T. Nichols (18)+10:48.4
19G. Coey / J. Hewlett (27)+11:25.2
20A. Vause / D. O'Kane (30)+12:25.5
21R. Ford / G. Wilkinson (34)+15:30.1
22A. Eyles / J. Eyles (32)+15:41.5
23S. Thornley / A. Thornley (35)+18:29.5
24P. Fridd / C. Fridd (33)+19:02.2
25M. Harris / K. Laird (36)+37:48.3
26D. Taylor / J. Hudson (26)+56:18.3
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